Invest in San Juan del Sur - Nicaragua´s prime real estate market

too good an opportunity to pass up

The enthusiastic press coverage Nicaragua has received in the past few months is well known to anyone with an interest in traveling and investment. Nicaragua seems to be the next logical choice for investors and adventurous travelers alike, with a taste for the latin world of Central America.


Costa Rica is more crowded and more expensive than it used to be. Guatemala is still suffering from the effects of a 36-year-old civil war. Panama, a relatively wealthier nation, is much more developed and expensive than Nicaragua.


The cost of living here is a fraction of what you are accustomed to back home and surprise; Nicaragua is a safe place to live and do business in. The safest in all the latin Americas.


This country is in the middle of a boom trend that has seen millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements and foreign investment, tourism is thriving and three consecutive administrations have continued to pass legislation assuring land ownership rights for both foreigners and Nicaraguans. This means the country is on the right track.

Port of San Juan Expansion

The Nicaraguan business and leadership community also feels Nicaragua is worth investing in.

Currently there are 7 major national transportation and tourism projects under way. The goverment has almost completed a airport just north of San Jun Del Sur, in the region of Tola and has begun a major coastal highway project that will link every coastal resort town from Costa Rica to Chinandega.

The youtube link below is yet another project that is well under way. A complete upgrade and expansion of the Port of San Juan del Sur. The new Port and retail development is situation in front of the development. This project will bring incredible property value and convenience to our investor.


Latest rumor has it, the gorgeous southerm costal area of Ostional will be opening the boarders and lifting foreign investment restrictions along the Costa Rican border. This is prime opportnunity to invest in any resort tourism, or residential development project.